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Historical Photographs from this audio-book.

Alan Clifford joined the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy in Cheshire in 1946 as an Air Mechanic, which was soon followed by his early promotion to Petty Officer.  He was commissioned in 1959 on joining the RN College, Greenwich and specialised as a Survival Officer at the RN School of Survival on the Hampshire Coast.

It was during his service both as a rating and as an Officer that he came to know pilots who had served as ratings stemming from the pre to the post World War 2  period. These contacts inspired him to research information on them which led to him writing "Rating Pilot RN", a book about their lives and times.   


Throughout his career as an Officer he was responsible for training Air Crew in survival techniques and latterly oversaw the introduction of much of their survival equipment through appointments in the Ministry of Defence in London and as head of the RN Survival School until his retirement.

He held the rank of Leiutenant Commander. 


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"We the undersigned recognised by the FAA as the sporting authority of the British Empire recognise that E. R. A. Hugh Nelson, RN, Born at Coventry on the 28th May, 1890, having fulfilled all the conditions stipulated by the FAA has been granted an an AVIATORS CERTIFICATE. The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom.  H.C. L Holden (Chairman) Harold E. Perrin (Secretary). Date: 1 Nov 1912. No: 675." 
(Down the right side is the translation into French).
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Chris MacDonnell
Actor and Audiobook-Narrator in Savannah, GA.

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