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Don't Go ( Short) – CI Gower. 


Bedford & Broome: Men's Fashion Ties  (Video) – V/O Narrator. 


Unlucky Charms (Feature) - Pookah.


The Trials and Tribulations of Sir Patrick Chesterfield III- (Short) – Patrick C. III. 


Torn: The Willie Lynch Letter (Short) - LA Cop.  


Children of Sorrow (Feature) - Hank Mathews. - (Jasoun McClure Dir.)  


The Great Dome Robbery (TV Film) – D.C. Chris Miller


Out of Order (Feature) - Reg.




Courage, New Hampshire  (US.TV Series , Colony Bay Prods) – Merry Pugwell (regular) 


Guys Choice Awards 2012 (Spike TV Special) – Town Crier (V/O)


Skins (Series) Ch4 – Removal Man.


Casualty (BBC series) - Hywel Shires.


Down to Earth (ITV Series) – Pete Rogers .


Holby City (BBC TV Series) – Joe Marsh.


Wycliffe (ITV Series) – Inspector Murrish.


The Bill (TV Series) – Tommy Draper.


Soldier Soldier (ITV Series) – Picket.


Doctor Who (BBC TV Series, Dragonfire) – Arnheim.


A Piece of Cake  (Central TV Series) - Squadron Chef.


Brookside – (ITV Ch4 Series) - Barney.



E-Bay (LA produced) – French Waiter.

Vitamin Water (Internet only)Narrator - (Jonathan Langager, Dir)

British Steel (Privatisation) – Face of British Steel - (Ridley Scott Associates. John Miles, Dir)

The Bill (UK Promo)  – Drug Squad Officer - (Thames TV).

British Steel (Not just a pretty face)– Face of British Steel - (Ridley Scott Associates. John Miles, Dir)

Pot Noodles (Big Dave) – Bartender - (Ogilvy and Mather)

KFC  – Man in Shed & Same Man at Football Match - (Mcann-Erickson)

Heinz Tomato Soup  – Lead Featured Character (Tomato Grower) - (Saaci & Saachi)



See How They Run  – Sgt Towers - Duchess Theatre, London West-End. (Douglas Hodge, Dir)

Mother Courage and Her Children  – The Old General - Royal National Theatre, London. (Anthony Clarke, Dir)

A swell Party (Musical)  – Cole Porter - Jermyn St Theatre, London, West- End. (Jamie Hinde, Dir)

TORN!  Slavemaster Jefferson - LA. Theater Center, (Jermaine Harris, Dir)

Of Mice and Men  – George - Queens Theatre, London. (Bob Carlton, Dir)

Oleanna – John - London Classic Theatre Co. (Michael Cabot, Dir)

The Entertainer Archie Rice - Queens Theatre, London. (Bob Carlton, Dir)

The Glass Ceiling  – Aldous Brink -Battersea Arts Centre, London. James Cameron (Dir)

The Chinese Wolf  – Headhunter - The Bush Theatre, London. Dominic Dromgoole (Dir)

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui  – Arturo Ui -Swan Theatre, Worcester. Euan Smith (Dir)

Guys 'n' Dolls – Nathan Detroit - Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. John Doyle (Dir)

A Streetcar named Desire – Steve Hubble - Octagon Theatre, Bolton. Andy Hay (Dir)

Educating Rita – Frank - Key Theatre, Peterborough. Michael Cross (Dir)

See How They Run Sgt Towers - ACT. UK (No1 tour). Douglas Hodge (Dir)

The Nest – John - Theatre Royal, York. Tim Supple (Dir)

A Christmas Carol  – Marley/Fezziwig - English Speaking Theatre of Stockholm, Derek Killeen (Dir)

Macbeth The Porter and Ross - DP Productions, UK No:1 Tour. Ian Dickens (Dir)

Romeo & Juliet – Tybalt - Theatre Royal, York. Jonathan Petherbridge (Dir)

From a Jack to a King – Duke Box - Queens Theatre, London. Bob Carlton, (Dir)

Accidental Death of an Anarchist – The Constables - Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. Jude Kelly (Dir)

Kind Hearts and Coronets – Prison Governor -  Queens Theatre, London. Bob Carlton (Dir)

The Tempest – Caliban - Swan Theatre, Worcester. John Ginman (Dir)

Phantom of the Opera (Musical by Ken Hill)– Msr Richard - Queens Theatre, London. Bob Carlton, (Dir)

Epicoene (The Silent Woman) Sir Amorous LaFoole - Theatre Royal, York. Michael Winter (Dir)

Curses (Musical) – Otis B. Knight - Queen's Theatre, London. Bob Carlton (Dir)

The Merchant of Venice – Lorenzo - Playhouse Theatre (Newcastle) John Blackmore (Dir)

Ruffian on the Stair – Michael O'Rourke - Theatre Royal, York. Annie Castledine(Dir)

Hard Times – Gradgrind / Tom - Swan Theatre, Worcester. Mark Babych (Dir)

She Stoops to Conquer – Diggory - Theatre Royal, York. Michael Winter (Dir)

MacBeth - MacDuff _ Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, London. 

From a Jack to a King - Terry King/Policeman - Bubble Theatre, London (Bob Carlton, Dir)



Jimmy Kimmel Live- (03/2013Game of Thrones) – Voiceover Artist - US/ABC

Formula 1 Promo (2013) – Voiceover Artist - Fox Sports Channel

Spike Guys Choice Awards (2012) – Town Crier V/O Spike TV

Roxio Game Capture (Commercial) - Voiceover Artist - Roxio in-house production.

Sherlock Holmes (The Pimlico Poisoner) – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Nigel Bryant (Prod/Dir)

Russia – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Nigel Bryant (Prod/Dir)

The Passion. – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Nigel Bryant (Prod/Dir)

Dixon of Dock Green(London Pride) – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Jeremy Howe (Prod/Dir)

D-day (The Worst Kept Secret) – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Jeremy Howe (Prod/Dir)

The Duel – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Jeremy Howe (Prod/Dir)

Saying Goodbye to Mac – Mike (Lead Role) - BBC Radio Drama, Jeremy Howe (Prod/Dir)

In a Hole in the Ground, There lived a Tolkien. – Lead Role - BBC Radio Drama, Nigel Bryant (Prod/Dir)

Vitamin Water (Internet Viral) – Voiceover Artist - Jonathan Langager (Dir)



King Edwards School, Witley Surrey (UK) 1970

Chiswick Polytechnic (2 year, Drama Foundation Course) 1971

LAMDA (Grad) 1974

Chris MacDonnell
Actor and Audiobook-Narrator in Savannah, GA.

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